Radio frequency ablation

- Challenges with current RF ablation approaches  

   - Strategies and Innovations

- Development of efficient RF ablation technique for peripheral lung mass


Magnetic Resonance-Radio frequency ablation (MR-RFA)
- Challenges with current MR-RF ablation approaches 
  - Strategies and Innovations
-Development of a textile-based pick-up antenna MR-RFA system for abnormal liver tissues

MRI RF Coil Design / Safety
- Better performed coil design with RF safety 
- Multi-channel (Parallel transmission) RF coil at high field MRI 
- Excitation control of multi-channel RF coil to overcome field inhomogeneity

MRI RF Coil Design / RF safety for IMD

1) RF Head transmit coil design
- Develop multi-channel coil for UHF MRI
- Customized design for better transmit efficiency

2) MRI RF safety for patients with implant device
- Analyze thermal effect by metallic implant device
- Develop method to alleviate heating
MRI RF Coil Design / 60 GHz Metamaterials

1) RF Head transmit coil design
- Develop multi-channel coil for UHF MRI
- Integration of High-permittivity dielectric pad for transmission efficiency improvement

2) Millimeter waves 60 GHz metamaterials
- Designing different types of metamaterials for 60 GHz high data rates communication

Wireless charging systems

- Design of highly efficient wireless power system
High efficiency rectifier design
To develop high efficiency energy harvesting system

Multitasking implantable system

- Design of a multiband implantable system
Simultaneous data telemetry and wireless power charging
Design of small rectifier for implantable device

Room-based WPT system

WICP Device / Smart Endovascular Stent 
1) Wireless ICP Device Design
RF transmitter and receiver design
- Sensor and management circuitry

2) Smart Endovascular Stent
- WPT and data telemetry

WPT system design/ RF safety with IMDs

1) Implantable antenna system design

2) Wireless power transfer system design 
WPT system for deep body implants
- WPT system for high power applications (charging EVs and mobiles)

3) RF safety
- Safety of IMDs antenna
- Human safety with IMDs exposed to WPT system
4) RF ablation
- MRI mediated RF ablation

MRI RF safety of Tattoos and Implantable antennas for capsule endoscopy

Energy Harvest

Conversion of ambient energy into electrical energy
Supplying power to small electronic components
Make Implantable devices reliable on Energy Harvesting